My name is Taylor-Rae Harrold, and I am the creative behind Style Soufflé!  Now twenty-something, I am living in North Carolina with my fiancé, Justin Drake, and our precious dog, Tucker {golden retriever}.  Together, we are embarking on many new adventures: marriage, building our family, and everything in between.

“Growing up in the South, and as a daughter of stylish lady, it’s safe to say my view of style and feminity were shaped by the influence’s of my upbringing!”

Despite it’s name, my blog has nothing to do with food.  Like a Soufflé, a style also has many variations, though the basic concept of execution remains the same – something unique, elegant and well balanced.  I feel that style allows us to showcase our individuality and is reflected in how we present ourselves.  Therefore, in addition to sharing how I choose to pair trendy and classic, well-tailored pieces, I will also give insight on lifestyle, beauty and health.

All in all, I am very excited to see what the future has in store for, Style Souffle!  If I have learned one thing {besides patience}, it’s that your heart and intuition always have your best interest.  Thank you for your support!!!


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