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I’ve always had a sweet spot for floral prints and love bringing a little bit of nature to both my personal style and home decor. If you took a peek through my closet and my house, you’d find a wide mixture of tropical and garden, and everything in between. It’s pretty obvious that I love a floral print, but a gorgeous leaf print comes in a quick second. My deep love for gardening may be to blame! With so many beautiful new arrivals, I thought it would be fun to share what I love with you today in case any of you are looking for new pieces to freshen up your home, wardrobe or beauty routine. Below I’ve categorized my favorite ready-to-shop, garden inspired pieces. Scoop up your favorites, like these beautiful botanical prints here and here. I’ve also a major crush on these embellished Golden Goose sneakers (for sizing, selection and dupes be sure to reference my guide).