Can you believe it’s already December 4th? While purchasing a few gifts online over the weekend, I couldn’t resist bookmarking a few wishful pieces for myself (I’ve italicized my top picks below)! It helped inspire today’s post within my Holiday Gift Guide Series: gift ideas for HER! Beauty and skin care products make wonderful gifts and I’ve included my top selects in my ‘Beauty’ guide linked – HERE!

See anything you like…

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  1. Fringe boots that will never go out of style! These little beauties immediately caught my eye. Arn’t they darling?
  2. Hoop drop earrings handcrafted in silk tread by Rebecca de Ravenel, and in this beautiful blue hue, are the number one thing on my wish list this year! I’ve been a huge fan of Rebecca’s collection for years and would love to start one of my own this holiday season!
  3. KREWE sunglasses take eyewear to a whole new level! Handmade in New Orleans, these stylish shades are worth every penny! I purchased a pair last summer at The Restoration Hotel in Charleston and never leave the house without them!
  4. Knit ivory sweater is a designer dupe for a fraction of the cost! I’ve had this sweater bookmarked for a few months now and love the textured details. After all, one can never own too many neutral sweaters.
  5. Moon Dust and other herbal daily supplements, like Collagen Peptides have all received wonderful feedback and something I have wanted to try for some time! I purchased both for my Mom as a little unexpected gift this year. You can mix both in your daily smoothies (if that’s your thing), coffee, tea or water!
  6. Screw cuff bracelet is a unique handcrafted spin on everyday jewelry!
  7. Lake Pajama’s are number two on my wishlist this season! I’ve always wanted a pair and came close to purchasing a set at a boutique in Savannah, GA last summer. The price may seem a little steep, but after your feel them you’re sold! At least I was…
  8. Nike sneaks are great cross-training shoes! I personally don’t like to run in Nikes, but they’re perfect for fitness classes and cross training in the gym. This blue, grey and white mix is absolutely beautiful. I’d love to own a pair!
  9. Cologne collections make for perfect holiday gifts, especially for mother-in-laws, girlfriends and cousins! They are also fun stocking stuffers too! Jo Malone fragrances are created to be layered to create a scent that is original to you. This small collection is the perfect opportunity to pair different fragrances to see which you like best.
  10. Going Places 2018 Calendar features a different destinations each month and is designed in an array of beautiful pastel hues! A great gift for the travel lover on your list this season!
  11. Alpaca scarf, or anything from Cuyana make wonderful gifts! This scarf is within the top five on my wish list this year!
  12. S’well marble water bottle is the kind of gift that you would love to have, but would never purchase for yourself!
  13. Leather jewelry case is a GAME CHANGER! For travel and/ or everyday use, this leather jewelry case and organizer is the perfect posh gift!
  14. Beanie’s are an all around super cozy accessory for the winter!
  15. Pearl earrings are a forever classic!
  16. Mophie external charger for the girl (aka me) who’s phone is always dying!
  17. Simple earrings for everyday wear!
  18. Silk bow for the girly girl on your list!
  19. Veuve Clicquot napkin holder is the ultimate home accessory!
  20. Nike sports bra offers a pop of color to up your workout wear! Pair with a mesh top and hit the gym in style! 
  21. Patagonia pullovers are among some of my most sought after pieces!
  22. Patagonia fleece vests, are again, a favorite of mine. This beautiful blush color is new this season and speaks to me!
  23. Leopard Golden Goose Sneakers are fun, well-made and the perfect splurge worthy gift no matter how trendy, traditional or girly someone’s personal style may be!
  24. Pink Golden Goose Sneakers are just what your (aka my) wardrobe is missing.


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