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Basket | Earrings | Blue Sweater | Choker Bodysuit | Tory Burch Bag | Barbour (Hunter) Coat | OTK Boot | Camel Coat | Pink Loafers | Lipstick Set | Front Tie Sweater |Denim  I know, I know… another bloggers take on the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!  For those who closely follow a lot of bloggers, […]

Real talk; Like so many women, I too, crave the quintessential golden glow of summer months. While the highly sought after dewy, fresh-faced look is one we all desire it requires a little more dedication than one would expect. As I’ve gotten older, aging gracefully is more of a priority and having fun in the […]

  – GETTING THERE – Getting to Harbour Island is less complicated than it sounds. First, you fly through either Miami (MIA), Fort Lauderdale (FLL) or Nassau (NAS) to the island of North Eleuthra (ELH), which is in the Bahamas. Once on Eleuthera, travel to Harbour Island is quick and easy. A ten-minute cab ride […]