The Art of Aging Beautifully

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Hi friends! I’ve been on a bit of a skincare kick lately, even more than normal. With traveling and transitioning into a new home, my “routine” has suffered a bit leaving my health a little out of whack; I’ve fallen behind on eating healthy, my workout schedule and my skincare routine.

As we settle into our new home it’s been easier to whip my life, and skin, back in shape. I’ve always been passionate about skincare and taking proper care of my skin. I am certainly no expect, but I do know that many of the daily choices we make affect the health of our skin. And in today’s article I’m sharing a few tips that I have found to be successful in helping maintain a youth glow. After all we can’t prevent ageing, we can only do it gracefully. Ageing gracefully requires a somewhat specific lifestyle, and I’ve listed down a few important steps below. Have a look!

Skin Regenerating Foods

Skin degeneration is a natural process in which your skin loses its ability to repair damaged cells, or shed off dead cells. It starts as soon as you turn 25. The regeneration, or healing process, of those damaged cells is also a process that weakens overtime. Thus our ability to regenerate new cells or repair damaged cells weakens. Skin degeneration cannot be stopped entirely, but it can be slowed down by boosting the process of cell regeneration. There are two ways to do it: A great way to slow down the ageing process, and age gracefully, is to consume more skin regenerating foods. These foods increase the skin’s natural elasticity, repair damaged cells, remove toxins and free radicals from the skin cells, and increase the production of new cells. The result is wrinkle-free, youthful looking skin. Skin regenerating foods include: fatty foods, seafood, berries (full of anti-oxidants that combat free-radicals), mushrooms, nuts, seeds, ginger root and broccoli.

Anti-Ageing Skin Products

Ageing skin is adversely affected by stress, fatigue and increasing environmental pollution. Anti-ageing skin products are specially formulated to keep your skin protected during the day and to stimulate the process of cell regeneration during night-time. There are also a great deal of non-invasive cosmetic procedures like Botox, Juvederm, Microneedling and other laser treatments to help reverse the appearance of aged skin. When it comes to cosmetic needs, I always turn to Dr. Augenstein at Aesthetic Surgery of Charlotte. Not only do I absolutely adore Dr. A and his staff, but they are the most nurturing and patient team I have had the pleasure of working with. Last week I met with Dr. A and he reviewed the importance of using a comprehensive medical grade skin care regimen with sunscreen, combined with other treatments such as Botox and chemical peels to help skin looking refreshed and rejuvenated. I was very apprehensive about Botox at first; however, Dr. A assured me that when you use Botox, you are preventing fine wrinkles and preventing deepening of those wrinkles that you already have. After being well-informed about the treatment, I proceeded with receiving my second Botox treatment and I must say–I am loving the results! If you have any questions about the procedure, please let me know.

Live Well

Boosting your metabolism helps keep you looking and feeling young. The concept of living well revolves around these three principles: Food –Lower levels of protein, calcium and mineral in your body can lead to bone deformities, loss of tissues, saggy muscles and wrinkles on your skin. A well-balanced and healthy diet is necessary to cope with the changes in your body which come with ageing. Sleep–The idea that ‘I will sleep when I die’ can be very detrimental to your health. Many people try to ‘store’ extra sleep during the weekends and sleep less during the weekdays. A regular, eight-hour sleep is necessary to regulate your body’s functions and release stress. Exercise–Regular exercise can help you remain active and focused. Exercise is necessary not only for toning muscles, but also for releasing stress and regulating the supply of oxygen in your body.

Moisturise and Protect

Protecting your skin from dryness is a two-step process, which includes shielding it from sun damage and keeping it moisturised. Avoid excessive sun exposure and apply sunscreen before going out in the sun. And, my favorite, always wear a hat and sunglasses (this is an excuse to go out and treat yourself to a new purchase :). As my mom always says, “age is just a number, but don’t let show”. With these steps, you can slow down the ageing process and prolong your good health to look younger than ever. Have a wonderful weekend, friends! xx, Taylor-Rae

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