Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Sandals | Hand lotion | Hand soap | Bracelet | Perfume (mini) | Champagne bucket | Picture frames | Pots | Pajamas | Art | Cookbook | Anti-aging face cream | Sunnies | Travel accessories

Mother’s Day is only a week away (Sunday, May 14th) so it’s time to shop for the leading lady in your life! I have put together a complete Mother’s Day ‘Gift Guide’ for those of you who have waited until the (somewhat) last minute to pick out the perfect gift. When putting together this guide I had my own mother in mind, so hopefully it inspires you too. My mom and I couldn’t be more alike when it comes to our style and taste in clothes, accessories and home decor, and I’ve been known to purchase the same gift for myself. My mom has an upcoming trip to Greece, so I purchased her these weave sandals to wear when exploring the countries beautiful, ancient cities.  She also loves to spend time in her kitchen. Growing up, and still today, it’s always the place where people gather, and for as long as I can remember my mom has had a fancy lemon hand soap and lotion set by her kitchen sink. The Antica Farmacista collection is one of her favorites and has the most amazing lingering smell. It may sound silly, but I can always tell if she has washed her hands when first walking into her kitchen.

Speaking of wonderful scents, I recently purchased the Calypso St. Barth’s Eau De Parfum in the fragrance ‘Casablanca‘ during a recent trip to Charleston. I’ve now turned my sister-in-law and a few girlfriends onto its fresh smelling aroma. It would be the perfect gift for the special lady in your life. My mom has worn the same perfume for almost 20 years (seriously!), and the smell of it will ALWAYS remind me of her, but a mini bottle of ‘Casablanca‘ would be great to have on hand. Plus the packaging is really adorable.

Another standout gift is jewelry. Of course my mom has her everyday classics, but I love this textured Julie Vos link bracelet. Julie Vos has long been known for designing quality pieces that withstand the test of time. Check out her collection if you haven’t already.

You can also never go wrong with all things home related. The new Aerin Lauder collection at William’s Sonoma is to die for. This champagne bucket, gold-gilded bamboo frame,  and ginger gar-esk ceramic pot are on my wish-list and I have a feeling moms all-over will love them.

Do all mom’s sleep in matching pajama sets? Cindy is so stinkin’ adorable and looks so posh even when going to bed. Justin and I lived with her for a few weeks before moving into our new house and every morning she would hum around  in her pj’s while watering her plants.  I’m not the best at matching my socks, let alone pajamas, but I always love to purchase her a fun new set from time to time.

I hope you’ve all found a little inspiration in today’s post. For any momma’s out there reading this, know there is nothing wrong with treating yourself to a little something special, if you wish. This will be my first year “officially” celebrating my in-laws, so be sure to make it special for them too.

Oh, and hi mom! I love you. Your gift was not included in this round-up, sorry. 🙂



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