Summer's End

Summer's End

Summer's End

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Summer's End

Outfit details:

Dress: ASOS (on sale) | Bag: Tory Burch (similar, Tory Burch) | Shoes: Stuart Weitzman | Sunnies: KREWE (Love, Self Portrait)

I honestly cannot believe it’s almost September. I know I say this every new month but I have zero clue where all the time is going!  Thankfully, (to a certain degree) temperatures are still peaking and summer is still in full swing for a short time longer!

Growing up outside of Charlotte you would think I would be used to a little heat and humidity, but a trip to the mountains this past weekend has me thinking otherwise, because these scorching days have gotten to the best of me.  Give me a pool, a swimsuit, and a beach and I’m good to go, but these in-between days when the heat is so intense I find myself struggling to find a chic, comfortable look to wear.

While I crave cooler temperatures, and a change in season, I know as soon as the temperature significantly drops I am going to wish it were Summer again (can anyone else relate?).  So, to take advantage of these long summer days without melting in the sun, I had to call on a staple made for elevated temps: the off-the-shoulder dress. Clearly I’m a fan of this summertime silhouette if you’ve seen this post or this post — but it’s because it’s seriously too good, especially in the heat. With all the perks and lightness of an off-the-shoulder dress this dress is a spin off of the contemporary off-the-shoulder, and it’s neoprene fabric is perfect for scorching temps. It’s on sale too: $26!

On typical summer days I’ll pair my outfit with a neutral sandal, a forever favorite shoe of mine. Stuart Weitzman for upscale, evenings out, and a pair of flats (beautiful for only $110) for a day at the off or running errands around town! As lightweight accessories to keep the simple and cool!

xx, Taylor-Rae

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