When I was a little girl, I always envisioned getting married and what that day would be like. I vividly remember dreaming up these fictitious weddings and prancing around my parents house in princess dresses complete with a pair of pink plastic heels (you know.. with the snap on bows).  Fast forward 20 years, and I am preparing for that gown-worthy milestone that I had fantasized about all those years ago.

Speaking of which, when it comes to wedding gown shopping it can be a simultaneously stressful and joyous occasion; with so many beautiful gowns to choose from, dollars at stake, and opinions weighing in, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Here are a few tips that helped me find “the” gown of my dreams, avoid stress, and have fun in the process.



  1. Have an open mind: Sure, we all have that dream wedding gown pinned or filed away somewhere, but why not try on a variety of other styles just for fun? I went into the whole process completely open minded and willing to try on everything form strapless ballgowns to two piece crop sets, and the end result was something I never would have imagined walking down the aisle wearing.  In fact, if someone would have shown me the gown I choose, even just a few months prior, I would have laughed in their face.  Try it… you may be surprised to find that the perfect wedding dress might be one you had never thought of!  Ultimately, you want to choose a gown that flatters your figure, suits your personality, compliments your venue, and makes you feel like Cinderella!
  2. Get ready: The day I tried on wedding gowns I put extra effort into doing my hair and makeup.  Truth is… you are your own worst critic, so the better you feel about yourself, the better the experience will be. If this for you means dieting – than diet. If this involves getting a blow out, or having your makeup done beforehand – do that too.
  3. Second opinion: It’s always great to bring along close friends and family you trust, and who will be completely honest with you and tell you if something looks ridiculous. Saying ‘yes’ to a wedding gown is a big commitment, so having loved ones there to support your decision is always reassuring. Also, I highly recommend bringing along someone who is camera happy.
  4. Sleep on it: Don’t be afraid to sleep on your descision before making the purchase. My advice would be to take plenty of pictures that day, so that you can look at them afterwards. I’m not suggesting you purchase your dress based on how it photographs using a smartphone, but if you don’t like it in pictures now chances are you probably aren’t going to later.
  5. Details: Many wedding gowns are made-to-order, so customizations, such as softening the sweetheart neckline, elongating the train and removing gaudy appliqués, are not only acceptable they’re expected. My wedding gown is actually a gown on the floor that we redesigned.

At the end of the day what matters is that you are happy with your decision. You will look your best when you feel your best, and that my friends is all matters. After all… it is your wedding day… 🙂



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