Photography by: Garrett Price // Carolina Portrait Design

For Memorial Day, Justin and I traveled to Folly Beach on James Island for some uninterrupted time together!  We had such a blast, and really enjoyed being on our own little schedule… or lack thereof :).  Justin and I love vacationing at Folly, because it’s a short drive away from our all time favorite city, Charleston!  We like to spend our days on the beach, and head into the city at night for dinner and little shopping!  If you are planning to visit, which I highly recommend you do, I suggest staying at Tide’s.  It’s located off of the main highly (which is a two lane road) entering the island.  I also highly recommend grabbing lunch at Taco Boy [swimsuit and coverup required].  They have the best fish taco’s on the East Coast (even those that don’t like fish think they’re delicious!).  If you have any suggestions on places to stay around Charleston (Isle of Palms, Kiawah Island, Sullivan’s Island) please let me know!

Now, let’s talk about this outfit situation.  Two of my favorite things to wear in the spring and summer are bright colors + floral prints, and this dress is a perfect combination of the two.  And, it just so happens that my purse matches my dress perfectly (don’t you love when that happens?!).  The cardinal rule with prints is to accessorize so that it enhances the outfit, and doesn’t compete.  Also, I love the deep hem in the back of the dress.  It adds a little bit of spunk to something so delicate and feminine.

Did anyone have any fun plans over the Memorial holiday? If so, please share them below.  I also love hearing about them.  Meanwhile, I hope everyone has a lovely week.  It’s a short one thank goodness :).