For years I dreamed of creating a space where I could inspire, be inspired by others, and connect with people over something I love.  I wanted it to be a place that shed light on current trends and beauty techniques, while also helping women make chic, personal choices about their lifestyles as a whole.  That dream became a reality ONE year ago today when I launched my blog and brand, Style Souffle!  Can you believe it?  I started Style Souffle one year ago!  Looking back I had no idea what I was getting myself into, or the magnitude of the blogging business.  All I knew was I had a vision and nothing was going to stand in my way of seeing it come to fruition. There is still so much I have yet to accomplish, but little by little I continue to learn and grow and keep going, because I love my little corner on the internet!

To grow a successful blog takes a great deal of time and effort!  You will need to put in those long hours and late nights (I have a full time corporate position, so I work on my blog from 6pm to midnight throughout the week) to build credibility and a loyal following.  For me, that meant providing honest feedback about products, designer labels, and sizing, in addition to keeping my readers informed of sales and current trends well in advance.  The biggest reward is when companies contact you in hopes that you collaborate with their brand.

This is only the beginning, and I have huge aspirations for Style Souffle – what I want to achieve, and what it has the potential to become!  My ultimate goal is make Style Souffle a full time career!

Cheers to ONE year of hiccups, breakthroughs, endless patience, endurance, late nights, 40 degree photo shoots, crash courses on social marketing & Photoshop, and best of all having the time of my life!

Thank you to everyone that has followed along! I love you all!