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While I love experimenting with new beauty products, I always find myself turning back to my tried and true favorites.  I have found that using quality hair products and maintaining a good skin care routine have made my getting ready process a lot easier and here is why . . .

My hair care routine is simple for the most part.  After showering I dry my hair on low heat until it is damp (I never towel dry my hair.  The friction causes breakage). Once my hair is damp, and not soaking wet, I spray Moroccan Oil heat styling protection throughout my ends to provide a protective shield from the direct heat.

Several months ago I invested in a T3 dryer, and have never felt so great

Using a T3 dryer is a little bit life changing. I know that sounds dramatic, but it’s true! As someone with really thick hair, I always dread blow drying my hair because it can take forever if I’m using a not-so-great dryer. I also worry about the damage from the heat and creating little fly aways and broken hairs. The reason a T3 is better than others? Well, for starters, it dries my hair faster and leaves it smooth and shiny- not puffy and dry. It’s definitely worth the investment. (plus it has a dual-voltage, so you can use it in any country as long as you have the necessary adapter)

I’m not really brand loyal with the hair products I’m using and switch them up every few months. My most recent discovery and obsession is Morrocan Oil.  The products smell amazing and keep my hair healthy and hydrated. The protecting heat keeps my hair from breaking off and from becoming dry and brittle form drying it.

I’ve been using a wide tooth comb (I just buy them from Walgreens or whatever drugstore is closest) for years and can’t imagine using anything else. Even when I’m at a salon getting my hair done, I ask for them to use a wide tooth comb and just their hands. It has helped my hair grow longer because it doesn’t leave broken hairs from tangles and brushing too hard.