Peplum Dress | Faux Leopard Coat | Heels | Bracelets one/ two/ three | Lips

Photography: Concord Wedding and Portrait Photographer Garrett Price

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today’s post is a very exciting one for me, because not only am I wearing this fabulous peplum dress from KK Bloom Boutique, but it is my first time working with talented photographer, Garrett Price.  He is the king of #moneyshots, and I’m so grateful to work with someone so talented!

As for this dress. . . well, it’s peplum, pink, structured, and feminine, and has Taylor-Rae Harrold written all over it!  I purchased it back in December at KK Bloom, a Charlotte boutique, with intentions of wearing it for New Year’s Eve; however, it is perfect for tonight’s dinner date with my Valentine.  There are so many details to this dress that I love!  The asymmetrical sweetheart neckline balances out the peplum hem (zoom into the linked image to see this detail).  I also love the gold exposed zipper in the back.  It modernizes the dress without taking away from it’s classic elegance.  Honestly, it reminds me of the dress Marylin Monroe wore when she sang Happy Birthday to President Kennedy (did anyone else make that connection? No, just me?! Cool).

If something pairs well with animal print, preferably leopard, than I will certainly cease the opportunity.  Remember, leopard is a neutral too.  Personally, I love to pair pints and solids because I feel it adds texture to an outfit.  My only rule when wearing a coat with a dress (there are some exceptions) is that the coat must be either longer, the same, or of similar length as the dress.  Ladies, I can’t tell you how many time’s I have seen women wear short coats with a cocktail dress.  No, just take one for the team and freeze!  There are a few exceptions, but majority of the time I will opt to not wear a dress when outerwear is a necessity and I don’t own anything that pairs well.

With all that being said, I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s (or Galentine’s) day!  I am such a momma’s girl, and growing up she would always outdo herself to make every single holiday special for me.  So, last night her and I (my forever Valentine) went to see our favorite Broadway production, Phantom of the Opera!  If you have any fun plans, gift ideas, or traditions please share them below!