If you are like me than you could live a life of eternal summer!  There is nothing I dread more than cold weather and winter months.   Luckily this week I am in sunny Los Angeles, California, where I am learning how to optimize and strength my website, Style Souffle.  Since the weather forecast back home in Charlotte is calling for rain this week, I wanted to inspire everyone with this rainy day look!

If you don’t own a cute pair of rain boots I suggest you go online and purchase a pair! Trust me when I tell you that they make rainy days all the more fun.  Honestly, I always look forward to an opportunity to style my galoshes, as I have done above.  For this look I am mixing neutrals to create a fun, comfortable, and yet stylish look to ward of the rainy day blues.

Also, for all my blogging babes out there… stay tuned for some great advice on how to grow you brands and business online! I am learning some great information about the industry that I can’t wait to share!