Top: Old Navy (similar) | Jeans: Made Well | Flats: Coach (LOVE these) | Watch: Burberry | Purse: Rebecca Minkoff | Sunnies: Tory Burch (love these Ray Bans).

Do you have a pair of denim jeans that you absolutely love?  You know, the “go-to” pair, that is flattering, comfortable, hugs in all the right places, and are the perfect length?!  Luckily, my search for the “perfect” jean is over, and I wanted to let you all in on my little secret!

Being 5’4″ (okay 5’3 1/2″), I have trouble finding skinny jeans that are flattering and yet don’t make me appear shorter than I really am.   The struggle was real until about a month ago when I discovered the beauty of Madewell’s denim bar.  Oh em gee!  LEVIS watch out, because Madewell has mastered the art of denim in the form of pants.  Not only do they make your bootie do this disappearing act, but the stretch polyester blend is great for an all day wear.  In this look I am wearing the high riser skinny jeans, which have a cropped fit… totally perfect for a fun size like myself :).   Madewell’s denim is not much more in price than other designer brands, so I suggest you give it try, because it’s totally worth the investment.

For me it’s as much about the quality of clothes as it taking care of them.  Extending the life of denim is as easy as three simple steps.

  1. Try and get as many wears out of jeans before washing them.
  2. Before washing denim turn the article of clothing inside out and wash on a delicate cycle using only cold water. Personally I like to set the washer on an extra spin cycle so that I don’t recover something fully soaked.
  3. Key rule – do not dry in a convention dryer. This stripes the fibers of their natural elasticity and causes the color to fade.  Hang all denim out to dry.  Denim will take it’s natural shape.

Onto an even more subject… I hope everyone had a fun Halloween! I can hardly believe November is here and the holiday’s are literally right around the corner.  Does anyone have any fun holiday plans?  Oh, and if anyone has any fun cocktail or holiday recipes please do share!!!!

Photography: Ariana Clare