It’s no secret that accessories are the key-players in every great outfit, and as colder weather approaches I am growing more excited about my favorite fall accessory… hats!

Over the years women’s hats have gone beyond necessity to become fashion statements.  They can punctuate a look, camouflage a bad hair day, and ward off the chill in colder months.  So, wether you are using your headwear for function or fashion, it’s important that you not only style it correctly, but that your topper doesn’t come at a steep price.  Below are some of my favorite and affordable, fashion-foward hats, which I have grouped by style.


Those who follow my writing know that I am sucker for anything with structure.  So, naturally I have a tendency to favor wide brim hats; however, I have been experimenting with styles outside of my comfort zone and have fallen in love with the not-so-structured beanie hat!  I’ve found that they key to sporting a beanie with style and poise is learning to embrace the atypical.  Forget all of the previously established rules about casual combinations and instead offset the boyish/ casual vibes of the beanies with sleek silhouettes, sophisticated cuts, and the mandatory pair of high heels :).  Also, don’t be afraid to go all out, by pairing the beanie with something utterly feminine and refined, much like a floor-sweeping evening gown or a blouse, skirt, booties, and a pair of sheer hose.  For an extra dose of fun, go for beanies with bold colors and designs, like the ASOS Watermelon Beanie below (it will be back in stock later this fall).

First, I have a fun fact for all the northerners and mid-westerners out there. Down here in the south a beanie is called a “toboggan”, which is apparently what you call a “sled” up north. Cool, huh? Hey, Tomato, tamato… beanie, toboggan :).

Find the hats here: ASOS | IGWT | Nasty Gal | ASOS Find the hats here: ASOS | IGWT | Nasty Gal | ASOS


Floppy brim hats are my favorite accessory to wear right now.  Not only do they add a fun element to every outfit, but they provide the ultimate protection against environmental elements, like sun exposure.  When it comes to styling them it is important that they complement the outfit.  Personally, I like to pair floppy hats with well tailored and classic pieces, like a wide dress pant or sleeved dress for the fall.  Also, use color to your advantage.  American Apparel offers a great wool hat in a variety of fall colors such as vibrant merlots and deep reds.

Find the hats here: American Apparel | ASOS | Nordstrom | Rag & Bone.  Find the hats here: American Apparel | ASOS | Nordstrom | Rag & Bone.

I hope you find inspiration in this post, and good luck styling your new purchases!

See you soon,

Taylor-Rae (TR)