CLARE VIVIER sac bretelle | L.A.M.B. elga mini turnlock bag | MICHEAL KORS small billy messengerKATE SPADE cedar street maise | SALVATORE FERRAGAMO vara bow clutch (grape) | REBECCA MINKOFF hudson moto mini | JIMMY CHOO frappe grainy calf cross body bag

Hello everyone!  I apologize for my absence on the blog lately.  Over the past several weeks Justin and I have invested majority of our time (and money) into furnishing and decorating our town home, which I am anxious to share with you all!  Sunday we are taking on a little DIY project, so cross your fingers it turns out like it looks on Pinterest!

As for this post, I decided to talk about my recent obsession – mini handbags.  Lately, I have been eyeing splurge-worthy cross-body bags and cross-body satchels, some of which I have included above.  So, if you are thinking about lightening your load and upping your accessory game, I suggest you take a look at them too.  These bags have just enough pizzaz to satisfy my taste, featuring punchy colors, geometric hardware, and glittery finishes!  They are the perfect hands free energy boost for any outfit and occasion :).

Recently, Justin surprised me with the Kate Spade Cedar Street Maise bag (above) and it is probably my favorite purse within my small collection.  I love that it carries like a satchel, but can easily be made into cross-body bag.  As for the highlighter pink hue… well, that speaks for itself! I think it’s great to invest in a compact, classic bag.  I have found mine to be universal and stylish wether I am running errands, on vacation, or out for a casual night in the city!

As a matter of fact, last week I was scanning a department store’s selection when an associate informed me that throughout her youth it was thought that a women’s confidence was reflected by the size of her purse.  To some extent, her comment made sense.  The more room you have to conceal products and things to ‘doctor’ yourself 🙂 the more insecure you may seem.  A smaller purse provides less room for junk (compacts, concealer, lip liner, gloss, hair spray, phone charger, etc.), thus insinuating that you are confident and content in your own skin.  Clearlllyyy this isn’t true, but I found it interesting to learn how societal views in a much older generation influenced trends on style and fashion.

Also, check out the price and details of the soft pink Jimmy Choo pictured above.  I would love to know your thoughts as to wether or not you think I should splurge on this compact little number.  And YES, it is on SALE!  🙂

Leave your comments below and I thank you so much for stopping by!