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1 ) Urban Decay Naked Pallette

Majority of the shades in the Naked pallettes have a shimmer to them, which is why it took me about a year to jump on this beauty bandwagon.  From my experience, shimmered shadows either go on very light or extremely heavy, which reminds me of my early teens when glistening eyelids (preferably baby blue) were the “it thing” (we can thank Baby Spice for the trend).  However, to my surprise, the Urban Decay pallette offers a great combination of neutral tones that blend very well together.  The shadows have a velvet texture when applied, which gives it a flawless finish.  I typically use my regular matte shadows from Mac and Clay Spann Makeup, and use the Naked pallette to blend everything together for an altogether polished look!

2) Nars ‘Orgasm’ Blush

This is a great neutral blush for all skin types. I love rosy cheeks and this blush certainly gets the job done.  The blush also has a faint shimmer to it, which gives off a radiant glow and is great paired with a bronzer or darker powder for contouring.

3) YSL Volume Effet Faux Clis

Game changer. Thank you, YSL; now, because of your brilliant product, I can do my makeup in half the time. This mascara lengthens my little lashes giving them an extra boost without having to spend 15 minutes applying five different types of mascara to accomplish the same result.

4) L’Oreal Mascara

I double up on mascara to make up for the lashes I don’t have naturally.  Rather than dealing with false lashes, and pulling out those I do have in the process, I prefer to use good old L’Oreal mascara.  It’s magic in a tube. It adds volume to my lashes making them appear thicker and fuller.  And, it gets better… you can find it at your local drug store! Can I get an Amen?!  If you choose to use multiple mascara’s I suggest using the thinner product first, so that it separates and lifts each lash!

5) Tweezerman Eyebrow Tweezers

Tweezerman makes the best tweezers on the market! I purchased mine several years ago at Bed Bath & Beyond, but you can certainly order them from the link above.

6) Bare Minerals Press Powder

I fell in love with Bare Minerals press powder after a fellow blogger suggested I try it out several months back.  While I love that it gives my face a porcelain-like flawless appearance, I don’t particularly care for how thick I have to apply it in order to achieve such results.  Typically, I apply a light layer over my skin for my everyday makeup; however, for an event, photo shoot, dinner date, or evening in town I apply a light layer over top Armoni Maestro liquid foundation (below).

7) Armoni Foundation

I love this stuff, period. This lightweight liquid foundation is oil-free and offers sun protection (those who know me, know how much I love sunscreen, anti-aging serums, and the three little letters SPF).

8) Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Eyeline

I always seem to make a mess with liquid eyeliner, yet I love the dramatic look that it gives.  Solution: Maybelline Studio Gel. It is applied like a pencil liner, but the end result is a clean dramatic eye.  M-A-C cosmetics makes a similar product (Fluidline), but I have found that the Maybelline Gel has more moisture to it’s product making it easier to apply and less likely to dry out.  It also come’s at a better than department store price. #signmeup

9) Sigma Beauty Brushes

These are the best brushes on the market. They are a great quality for an amazing price. I learned of them through makeup artist, Jaclyn Hill.  If you haven’t watched her makeup tutorials on YouTube I suggest you do (and prepare to be unproductive the entire day – it’s worth it).

10) Stella ‘Beso’ Liquid Lipstick

This long lasting lipstick is heavenly.  I love the shade of red too.  The color can withstand many sips of wine, dinner, kisses, and the occasional dab of a napkin… it’s pretty much Taylor-Rae approved.

All my love,

Taylor-Rae Harrold