How & Why to Clean Makeup Brushes!

{C}Serious questions: Have you ever cleaned your makeup brushes?  If so, can you remember the last time you cleaned them?  The scary thing is that a lot of people don’t do it at all!  And I get it… you are probably thinking, who has the time? The truth is, cleaning your makeup brushes routinely can actually save you money, breakouts, and time, which would otherwise be spent covering up blemishes with an already dirty brush {food for thought}.

Makeup brushes are a breeding ground for bacteria, which is often what causes clogged pores and breakouts. Therefore, cleaning your brushes will help to maintain a clean and clear complexion.  Cleaning your brushes will also prolong the life of the brush.  And lets face it… since majority of the great brushes out there come at a not so great price, the longer it lasts the better!  I have recently fallen in love with Sigma Beauty brushes, which are great quality for a better than department store price.

There are specially formulated makeup brush cleaners sold at every department store, however, I would rather put that money toward actual makeup if there’s an alternative that’s just as comparable. Several years ago a make-up artist suggested, Johnson’s Baby Shampoo, and I have used it ever since.  It works great and is under $5. Typically, specialty cleaners contain an alcohol agent (usually isopropyl alcohol), which is meant to speed up the drying process.  Unfortunately, this dries up the bristles and strips the brush of its softness and hence another reason why I opt for Johnson’s Baby Shampoo.  To kill any bacteria, I mix in some antibacterial hand soap.


  1. Gather your supply’s (Johnson’s Baby Shampoo, a dry wash cloth, and a small bowl).
  2. Place a small amount of antibacterial hand soup in the small bowl and fill it with warm water until suds appear. Place the bowl to the side.
  3. Wet your brush bristles.
  4. Place a pea size amount of Johnson’s Baby Shampoo in the palm of the hand, then massage the wet brush bristles, in a circular motion, until the shampoo appears cloudy {this may need to be repeated depending on how dirty your brush is}. Rinse the brush under running water.
  5. To kill any remaining bacteria, place the brush in the bowl with antibacterial soap to further clean.
  6. After cleaning, reshape the brush to its original form {this will ensure that the bristles will dry correctly}.
  7. Place the brush on the wash cloth to dry.
  8. Repeat the above steps with all make-up brushes.

There is a lot of information on the internet about how to take proper care of your brushes, however, I have found that the above steps coupled with Johnson’s Baby Shampoo work best.  Unless you are a complete type A, I feel that it is excessive to wash your brushes after every use.  Ideally, I like to clean mine every two weeks to a month, which varies depending on how much I use them.  Since cleaning my brushes routinely I have notice a radical difference in the clarity of my skin and hopefully you will to!